June 6, 2012

Walker, Wisconsin Ranger

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has survived his recall election in style, with a significant cushion in his lead versus his original election.  The governor's gutsy refusal to back down in the face of over-the-top protests from the pro-union crowd has vindicated him, and elevated his stature in the conservative pantheon.  It may have put Wisconsin in play for the general election.  It certainly has helped the GOP with it's ground game in Wisconsin this fall, and probably puts the Obama campaign in a position to have to spend some time and treasure in a state it didn't think it would need to do so, come fall. 

It may also represent an inflection point with respect to government unions beyond just Wisconsin.  It certainly represents a win from a Tea Party perspective and strikes a blow for fiscal sanity.

The positives just keep compounding.  Kudos to Walker for sticking to in Chuck Norris fashion.

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