May 13, 2012

Jerry Brown forced to announce CA broke

Unfortunately, common sense has not yet taken hold on the left coast. The speech is all about spin, blaming others and it avoids the true pain that California will have to face.  Oh well.

HINT: Jerry if you want people to invest in California's future, stop scaring the money away, with more liberal spending foolishness.


  1. Ah yes! The always high people of California wake to find out they are up s... creek without a paddle. And they are shocked, absolutely shocked by the almost doubling of the deficit. yet these same clowns voted back into office one of the very loonies that started their state on the road to ruin. Gov. moonbeam is what the people there deserve! They got what they wanted,as far as I'm concerned. how long before the CZAR in the White House offers a bail out package to the left coast loonies?

    1. A long time ago I posted the opinion "Let California fail". While it should happen, it won't. Nobody it seems is allowed to fail until America itself finally does.

      Ironically, while no one is allowed to fail, they sure like to see the successful punished.


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