May 7, 2012

Dearth of posting update

Life sure has been kicking me in the teeth lately. Work has been very stressful, money and debt have continued to be real problems, and to top it all off, my fiancee's grandfather, who was chiefly responsible for raising her, suffered a near fatal heart attack and kidney failure last week.  He actually looks like he's recovering, which has even the doctors amazed.    To be fair, if anyone has been kicked in the teeth lately it's been him.  

He blogs as well, you can check out his main blog here.  After he recovers he'll have some things to say again I'm sure.

As for me, I fully intend to get back to blogging in earnest as soon as possible.  After all, this blog started in large part as a result of the 2008 election.  I was always conservative and always political, but the events leading up to the 2008 election galvanized my attention and the results of the election galvanized my urge to act (i.e. blog). Therefore it makes sense that I would be blogging quite extensively this year in order to help facilitate change - in the White House (and the Senate).  As soon as I can get back on schedule with this blog, I will be doing so. I look forward to it.
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