April 11, 2012

Same old same old

There's not much new under the sun.  Liberals continue to be liberal in the progressive, non-classical sense.  The media continues to shill, and tingle for Doomocrats and president Obama.  The GOP establishment have got their man the nomination.  The national debt continues to grow at a sickening pace.

On the other hand, classical liberalism - now known as conservatism hasn't changed because what makes sense, still makes sense.  And conservative bloggers have hit every important topic from Alinsky, to Mises to the Constitution, to every Obama hypocrisy and scandal already.  It makes it difficult to write about new stuff.

Something game-changing seems due.  I'm not talking about Santorum dropping out of the race.  That wasn't a game changer.  It was to be expected at some point.

I'm not sure what, but something bigger just seems due.
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