April 12, 2012

Miss me yet?

George Bush was no Barack Obama, but is this untimely or what?  He's right about this but is a reminder of the Bush years going to help the Democrats get out the vote effort?  It certainly might.  If I were conspiracy minded I'd really question the motivation for this.  As it is I'll just question the wisdom of the 'miss me yet?' president's timing.


  1. I'm more of a fan of this one: http://static.quickmeme.com/media/social/qm.gif

  2. I, for one, don't miss that boob at all. Term limits are a good thing. Let's hope the current boob, who is ten time worse, is limited to one term.

    The only thing worse than Bush, is Obama.

    1. I disagree Grant.

      Id say in terms of awfulness, I'd rank as worse than Bush the following cadre of bad - Carter, Roosevelt, Wilson and 'Great Society' Johnson. Bush was a big government guy and I was not a fan. In fact, there was a lot to dislike about him. But he did eventually get a few things right like John Roberts in the Supreme Court.

      There has been far worse than Bush, though to your point, far better too.


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