January 2, 2012

RWN - John Hawkins' Case For Newt Gingrich

Right Wing News
John Hawkins makes the case for Gingrich over at Right Wing News; My Final Short & Sweet Case For Newt Gingrich. Despite Newt's obvious shortcomings, I agree with John Hawkins - Newt has a number of things in his favor and I am leaning towards Gingrich. He's a better choice than Mitt Romney and despite everything you hear, he's quite electable. As for the rest of the GOP field, there are great qualities in many of the candidates and if it were a three or four way race, I'd be less inclined towards Newt and more towards being undecided. But I don't think any other candidate has the potential sustainability plus polling to go head-to-head with Mitt for the whole of the primaries. John Hawkins makes that his very first point in his case for Newt.

I've always been a fan of Right Wing News, but I have to say, I'm very happy to be in synch with Mr. Hawkins in this case. Not to mention Thomas Sowell and Art Laffer.  I'm in quality company.

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