January 26, 2012

Romney's back on top in Florida

It has nothing to do with the amazing amount of Newt-bashing coming from the establishment.  Bob Dole's trashing of Gingrich is convincing no one - Elizabeth Dole is probably already onside with him.  Add Dole's comments  to the McCain endorsement and it amounts to a kiss of death.  McCain and Dole both lost really big to Democrats.  Why would someone want to have both of them onside?  Nevertheless Mitt Romney is back on top apparently.  It's not that Romney has been on the attack effectively or is suddenly the darling of Florida voters.  The reason he is in first place again in Florida is his massive spending advantage and his ad buys in key markets.

That said, there IS something to be said for being organized and well-backed.  Prior, proper planning leads to better outcomes, no?  Organization is a good trait in an executive.  I question whether it is a better quality than vision.  Mitt Romney does not have a vision for America. He has a vision for Mitt Romney.  It translates into flip-flopping simply because his vision is to get elected president.  But let's grant that he would be organized.  That doesn't provide great leadership.  Ronald Reagan was the great communicator and he communicated a specific vision.  Newt Gingrich has a lot of great visions - probably many of which will never come to fruition.  But having a vision you can surround yourself with organization to get it done.  Having a great organization and surrounding yourself with the vision of others is not leadership.  It's stewardship and frankly lackluster.

Why Romney is back on top in Florida is money.  The more interesting takeaway from the Florida polls, is the amazing volatility.  It's not just that the lead has changed back and forth, it has changed by very large numbers.  It speaks to an electorate that clearly is not locked in to specific candidates to a large extent.  There are likely more changes to come.

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