January 4, 2012

He's the most electable RINO in the race.

Have the facts on the ground changed?

Look, everyone can change their minds. Things change.  What made sense long ago may not make sense today. Newt Gingrich went from supporting an individual mandate and Romneycare to realizing that was a bad idea.  Rick Perry was a Democrat before switching to being a Republican. Sticking to your guns makes sense a lot of the time but not always.  Mitt Romney should not still be defending Romneycare, yet he persists.  All that said, there has to be a rationale for the change.  John McCain is expected to endorse Mitt Romney today (or soon).

The problem is, what McCain said about Romney in 2008 was correct, and his course reversal is nothing if not stunning, and transparent.  Here's a McCain ad from 2008 attacking Romney. It raises serious doubts about Romney.

So why is McCain backing him today?  He's the most electable RINO in the race. McCain is himself is RINO. And if a RINO was saying that about Romney in 2008, how representative of the conservative view can Romney possibly be? 

Take McCain's change of heart with a grain of salt.  It's meaningless.  Have the facts on the ground about Romney changed? Not really, no.  And while you are at it, think twice about supporting a RINO who is being supported by establishment RINOs.

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