January 24, 2012

The Crist Romney Connection

If you are a voter in Florida's upcoming GOP primary, you probably remember Governor Charlie Crist veering left and facing Marco Rubio as an Independent in the 2010 midterm election for Senator.  Rubio won, and Crist came off as really, really badly.  So what bolder, more shrewd campaign move for Romney than to use Crist's campaign staff?


Via Newsmax;
Romney’s “Charlie Crist” problem is this: Romney’s chief campaign strategist and several of his most senior campaign staff were Crist’s top political advisers — the same ones who crafted Crist’s moderate, ignore-the-tea-party strategy epitomized in Crist’s famous “hug” of President Barack Obama. That strategy led Crist, once the most popular Republican governor in the nation, to defeat.

Crist’s erstwhile political team was led by controversial GOP strategist Stuart Stevens. Stevens and partner Russ Schriefer are the principals in the high-profile Stevens & Schriefer Group consultant firm and are playing the lead role in crafting Romney’s primary and national campaign strategy.

According to the Stevens & Schriefer website, the firm had a long history with Crist, serving as chief strategists for his bids for education commissioner, attorney general, governor, and later for the U.S. Senate. Other senior Crist political aides from his failed Senate campaign now hold key posts in Romney’s campaign.
That does not bode well for Romney from a track record perspective and from an optics perspective either.  He's tied himself to a losing candidate. Not good for him.

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