January 11, 2012

The case against Romney

Road to nowhere.
What he said, very effectively and logically. Please read it, all the arguments against Romney's electability, one place.

Again I ask - is this the guy you really want to go with? When people say he's most electable, you have to remember where that meme started - the mainstream media.  They're liberal, their slant is that the least conservative Republican is the most mainstream (and to their minds, the least crazy). Why wouldn't they push people like Romney and Huntsman?  Like they did with McCain.  The next step is to turn on him after the nomination.  You know it's coming.  How electable will Romney look then?  No different than Santorum, Perry, or Gingrich.

Electability has become so tied up in not saying the wrong thing, that candidates seem to forget they have to say the right things.

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