January 26, 2012

Anti-Gingrich Spending Hammer

Via Open Secrets (see snapshot below is from today), below is a summary of the independent expenditures (primarily from 527 PACs).  Out of $22.4 million spent on negative ads to date, 70.7% has been spent against Newt Gingrich.  Out of the money spent pro-Newt or anti-Newt, 83.9% have been run against Newt.  Out if all the money spent both pro and anti any candidate (i.e. all campaign spending by independent sources), 55.6% of all money spent, has been anti-Gingrich.

With all of that negativity aimed in his direction, not only is it amazing Newt Gingrich hasn't blown a gasket yet (indicating that he probably won't during the remainder of the election cycle), but it's truly astounding that he is in this race at all at this point.

That has to bode well for the long term of his candidacy if indeed he can win Florida even come close, the money should come.

Candidates Opposed/Supported

CandidateEntire Cycle TotalLast Week TotalLast 24 Hours TotalSupportedOpposed
Gingrich, Newt (R)$18,955,343$7,069,723$0$3,049,023$15,906,320
Romney, Mitt (R)$6,311,434$1,507,013$0$1,689,400$4,622,034
Obama, Barack (D)$2,086,413$10,490$0$637,468$1,428,699
Santorum, Rick (R)$2,498,560$0$0$2,099,559$399,001
Paul, Ron (R)$3,694,206$173,918$350$3,561,216$132,990
Perry, Rick (R)$3,964,824$0$0$3,964,824$0
Huntsman, Jon (R)$2,453,454$0$0$2,453,454$0
Cain, Herman (R)$501,718$0$0$501,718$0

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