July 8, 2011

Unintended Consequences Primer

A good video on unintended consequences:


  1. Wow. Very interesting video. Thank you. I had forgotten all about the Cash For Clunkers debacle. I have heard government spending compared to a drunken sailor spending money. But, back in my much younger, sometimes drunken sailor days, when I ran out of money I was no longer a drunken sailor. Until the next payday. But I digress. It is amazing to me how our so called leaders think we can spend our way to prosperity. If that was the case I would be rich indeed.

  2. Digging deeper to get out of a hole is no way to escape the predicament.

    I actually considered using the drunken sailor analogy but I thought it was unfair to drunken sailors (honestly). The reason it's unfair is for the reason you mentioned - there are times when sailors are out of money, or are busy, you know, sailing. So the spending stops. Not so for these Keynesian, progressive socialists spendaholics.


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