July 9, 2011

Saturday Sites To Check Out

I'm just getting back from camping this week and I'm surely well behind on my posts, not to mention Twitter.  Here's some great  places to visit, check out, or fall in love with while I catch up.

Greg W Howard - Politics and Finances from a Conservative World View, and a very professionally laid out site. (I'm jealous).

Blog de KingShamus - pithy, to-the-point conservative

SecularStupidest - conservative art, music, videos and writings.

Jim Geraghty's Campaign Spot at National Review - a fantastic source insight into politicaqal campaigns across the nation, and of course from a conservative perspective.

Mean Ol' Meany - provides an ecclectic mix of politics, sarcasm, technical stuff and pretty much anything else that comes to his mind. The URL includes 'liberalsmash' - enough said.

The always great Legal Insurrection needs no additional hype from me. And now, with 100% less blogspot.

Diogenes' Middle Finger, aka suckers on Parade.  A great collection of conservative thoughts.

Teresamerica. A great conservative site except for all the dude pictures...

Are you a MindNumbedRobot?

Bonsai From The Right (pretty self-explanatory).

What better place to learn conservatism than from A Conservative Teacher?

What better place to get a conservative perspective, than Conservative Perspective?

And don't forget to check out the Conservative Hideout (2.0) while you are looking for red meat conservatism.

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