July 16, 2011

Saturday Learning Series - Basic Economics

Why know all this stuff? Because not knowing it leads to creeping Marxism. How's that for a reason? Professor Lucas M. Engelhardt is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Kent State University. His easy-to-understand explanation is worth the watch and it's broken into small, digestible pieces making it easier to follow along if you are not a student of economics or a fellow at the Mises Institute.

Part 1: Humans Act.

This is leading towards opportunity cost, a fundamental economic principle.

Part 2: Exchange and Prices

Part 3: Prices and Production

Part 4: Time Preference, Interest Rates, and Production

More to follow next week.


  1. I assure you that if anybody in Team Bamster or the House Democratic caucus saw these videos, their heads would explode with disbelief.


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