July 2, 2011

Obama needs a challenger from the left.

Um yeah. Let's work with these useful idiots.
Want to play pure politics?  Perhaps it's a bit unsavory.  It's not in our nature to engineer results or to tweak the contest in our favor, even if it's something that's perfectly legal, and something that has been done before.  Remember Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos in 2008?  Well, there's something as conservatives we should be doing in preparation for the next election in 2012.  In order to get Obama to lose, we need to help the left.  The far left.  Here's why.

Larry Sabato's Senior Columnist Rhodes Cook makes a compelling case that for President Obama to be defeated, he needs to face a primary challenge from the (far) left.  That's something worth encouraging - useful idiots can be useful to the right too.

Yet amidst all this carnage, there is a big asset in Obama’s favor that has long been associated with presidents who successfully win reelection: a clear path to renomination. For some time now there has been a political rule of thumb: Presidents with little or no opposition in their party’s presidential primaries go on to win reelection, while those who must weather a significant primary challenge are defeated in the fall election.

If there was, he would have reelection problems of the first magnitude. For if a president has trouble uniting his own party, how can he successfully reach out to independents and voters from the other party in the fall? The answer over the last century has been that he can’t.

Dealing with a major primary challenge can be a debilitating exercise for a president. They are expensive, they divert the White House’s attention, and they subject the incumbent to months and months of criticism from within his own “political family.” The result is that a significant primary contest substantially increases the president’s electoral vulnerability.
That's reason enough to want to encourage an unlikely challenge from the far left. However, it's a long shot. The one group Obama has seemed to be able to assuage despite their unhappiness is the far left. Why? Likely it's because they seem to be more pragmatic than those of us on the Tea Party right. They realize Obama is their best option available and they will not only sit it out in the primaries, they are likely to turn out in the general election. Sewing more discord on the left should be a tactic in use by the right at all times, but especially right now when it can have such a deleterious effect on President Obama.

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  1. I was kind of hoping Donald Trump would run as a Democrat. That might make for some interesting stuff.


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