July 24, 2011

Obama budget deficit in one picture

Take this picture and show it to everyone you know who still believes Obama is being truthful about his desire to get the deficit under control.  

You can't argue with the facts.  This is a whole new scale - uncharted territory.  And while Bush wasn't all that debt conscious, outside of 2008 his deficits were headed in the right direction. Those who railed against his out of control spending continue to try to lay the blame for the current crisis on him and his tax cuts.  No.  Tax cuts did not do what's in the graph above.

Ask your unconvinced listener, if the Obama spending isn't being presented to them in an honest way, what makes them think Obamacare, or their head-in-the-sand views on Medicare and Social Security are being presented any more honestly.  Ask them to take a look from another viewpoint and listen to the other side.

You aren't evil for thinking that Medicare needs fixing.  Evil is convincing people everything is fine when it really isn't.  Wanting to figure out a way to make it work isn't evil.

Saying someone who wants to fix it is evil, selfish and an idiot is not only counter-productive to finding a solution, it's mean-spirited and superficial.  That's much closer to evil.

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