July 23, 2011


It's the first day of my vacation (my second week-long vacation this summer) and I'm going to be busy all weekend working on a project for work.  Why? I'm the person in the best position from a knowledge and design perspective to keep the project moving forward and if I don't keep the momentum up, it very likely could falter.  While I could pick it up when I got back, there are deadlines and a week of slowdown is something we can't afford.  Taking ownership, accountability and taking responsibility, that's a good thing, right?  Anyway....

Since I'm probably not going to have much time to blog today, here are some great places to go for some quality conservative reading.  I apologize in advance if I missed any of my regular conservative compatriots.

Mean Ol' Meany hasn't posted in a few weeks, he's busy.  But his blog is chock full o' goodness.

KingShamus is occasionally profanity-prone, usually witty and always conservative .  Today he is hating the haters of capitalism.  

SecularStupidest - conservatism and artistry combined.  An under-served segment.

It Don't Make Sense, is still making sense.

IndyEnigma if you're on twitter, he's a great follow.  Same for KatyInIndy - she  has a blog, but is more prolific on twitter.

Diogenes channels the Earl of Ketchup who's busy channeling the Founding Fathers.  Wait, what?

Commentarama asks whether Reagan really does agree with Democrats.

Innominatus has an interesting take on Drudge versus the Clintons today (warning, ugly picture)

Fredd Spews out some great points on a regular basis.

Mind Numbed Robot is also channeling someone - Bubba (and we're not talking Clinton)

In case you missed it, Just A Conservative Girl has the great quote from Renee Ellmers

A Conservative Teacher draws a line in the sand for his support for 2012.

At Legal Insurrection, Matthew takes UNESCO to task on the Jews.

Right Wing News - always good.

The Western Experience has THE quote that encapsulates the Obama position in the debt ceiling debate.

Capitalist Preservation is impressed with Boehner's latest resolve.

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