July 28, 2011

COM-PRO-MISE: Republican vs. Democrat versions

Dictionary.com defines compromise as;
a settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal modification of demands.
What do Democrats want?

-a debt ceiling raised unconditionally
   -failing that a deal that gets as few conditions and restrictions on more spending as possible
-a deal that goes to 2013 to remove uncertainty for the nation (aka gets Obama past the election).
   -failing that deal - a presidential veto
-tax increases (naturally)
   -failing tax increases, a death to any bill in the Senate and a threat of presidential veto
-tax reform (where on earth did this suddenly come from)
   -failing tax reform a deal that meets all the other conditions because they really weren't all that interested in tax reform anyway (check the record pre-June for any mention of this by Democrats)
-a grand bargain big deal (again, that wasn't the case in April)
   -failing that the opportunity to unchecked call the right extremist radicals (they already have that one).

What do Republicans want?

-no debt ceiling increase
   -failing no debt ceiling increase, an increase that is accompanied by meaningful and real spending cuts
   -failing meaningful spending cuts a smaller debt ceiling increase and smaller cuts
-no revenue increases
   -failing no revenue increase an increase that removes subsidies but does not increase tax rates for anyone in an anemic recovery period.

You tell me where the compromise has been coming from.

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  1. "You tell me where the compromise has been coming from." Now that you mention it, Obama did a great job of finding a compromise, didn't he? I'm sure both republicans and democrats have something to be happy about in Obama's 10-year plan.

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