January 31, 2011

Obamacare deemed unconstitutional. Duh.

Ya  think?

Spoiler alert - this ain't over. In any case, some comforting analysis for conservatives, Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post hits the nail on the head;

Liberal pundits who have consulted liberal law professors about liberals' great achievement -- ObamaCare -- are pronouncing the ruling by Judge Roger Vinson to be much to do about nothing. The ruling is. . . um. . . thinking of a case liberals hate.. um... just like Bush v. Gore ! (Except it has nothing to do with the Equal Protection Clause or any other aspect of that case.) It is, we are told, "curious," "odd," or "unconventional."

These are complaints, not legal arguments. And they suggest that the left was totally unprepared for the Constitutional attack on their beloved handiwork. After all, the recent mocking by the left of conservatives' reverence for the Constitution suggests they are mystified that a 200-year old document could get in the way of their historic achievement. They are truly nonplussed, and so they vamp, not with reasoned analysis but with an outpouring of adjectives.

Liberals are particularly perturbed by Judge Vinson's ruling on severability, the determination as to whether the individual mandate is so central to the law as to make the law unrecognizable and unenforceable without it. But here, the left has only the administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress to blame.


  1. It matters not. Obama will ignore the decision, as he did the one on the gulf drilling ban, and full steam ahead with this and all of his agenda until he is actually stopped. He will also remain in office until he can be proven ineligible and actually be removed, highly unlikely.

  2. He will be removed in November 2012. The damage will take much longer to undo. The drilling is a great example of how he is damaging the American economy and American security with a single action.


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