August 8, 2010

Communism is always infiltrating. Always.

I'm sure many people are aware of how communism has attempted to infiltrate America and Europe using any and all means possible.  If you aren't convinced, watch this global warming documentary and take note of the new home for socialism and communism - man made global warming. It doesn't end there.  It doesn't end anywhere.

This video focuses on Islamism and some of the odd positions people take on the facts in order to fit their world view.  The poster, Secular Stupidest, sharply catches points out a Howard Zinn quote on a sign at this protest.  The Soviets couldn't win in Afghanistan, but they haven't given up on gaining influence in the region, even if it is just hearts and minds.  Here they are at an Islamic protest, spouting the virtues of Sharia law and how Americans, Christians, anyone, would never have it so good as if they lived under Sharia law.  Why would there be a communist or socialist there spouting Howard Zinn?  It's either recruiting or a brilliant usage of the useful idiots they perceive any protest movement to be.

Who is Howard Zinn?

Who is Howard Zinn?  He is famous for this quote: “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”  That makes all the more sense if you take into consideration his political leanings.  I wonder if he would say the same thing if he'd lived in the USSR under Stalin.

Less well known is this quote from Zinn that really gives him away;
"Let's talk about socialism. I think it's very important to bring back the idea of socialism into the national discussion to where it was at the turn of the [last] century before the Soviet Union gave it a bad name. Socialism had a good name in this country. Socialism had Eugene Debs. It had Clarence Darrow. It had Mother Jones. It had Emma Goldman. It had several million people reading socialist newspapers around the country. Socialism basically said, hey, let's have a kinder, gentler society. Let's share things. Let's have an economic system that produces things not because they're profitable for some corporation, but produces things that people need. People should not be retreating from the word socialism because you have to go beyond capitalism."
The FBI even believed that Zinn was at some point a member of the communist party in the United States. Progressives claim him, and some progressive organizations even discuss the FBI files.  The point is that socialism lays it's seeds everywhere.  They have a consistent playbook and they run it robustly.  Islamic fundamentalism has been a thorn in the side of America for a more than a decade, taking advantage of that is an obvious move for socialists.  Why is the left embracing Islam?  Useful idiots. Now you know.

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