July 27, 2010

It's a Good News Day for the GOP

Rasmussen Reports has a number of good news items today - the generic Congressional ballot of likely voters has the GOP up 10 points, and the Obama approval index is at -20.  But the good news doesn't stop there.
 Charlie Rangel (D) looks like he might be the gift that keeps on giving to the GOP and the anti-war Wikileak site unveiled a host of classified information this week that even the Obama administration didn't want de-classified.  Is that a sign of the anti-war left is going to ramp up prior to the November mid-term elections?  If so, it's a good news day for the GOP (national security breach aside - the leak itself is deplorable).  And with 98 days to go until the mid-term elections, momentum is still on the GOP's side, despite some minor speed bumps that have kept them from being 15 points ahead on the generic Congressional ballot.

That's the good news.  Here's the bad news - this is the GOP.  The still have 98 days to find a way to chew up that lead, and in the past they've found ways to undercut their own success. Barton. Meyers. Steele.  These names ring a bell - a bell called face palm.  While trying to nationalize the upcoming mid-term elections the GOP has to be very, very mindful not to step in it and undo 18 months of trend with a few foolish, unscripted gaffs (or scripted gaffs for that matter).

It comes down to trying to turn that generic Congressional ballot from +10 points to +12 versus shooting for +20 and ending up with +1.  The former choice may be less of a home run but it's a much bigger win than +1.  That's not to say the GOP couldn't hit that +20 home run, but I'm not convinced.  While they are starting to differentiate themselves from the gang that couldn't shoot (or vote) straight, they certainly aren't the Steel Curtain era Pittsburgh Steelers just yet.

So let's not get carried away with a ticker tape parade just yet. I realize there's a lot of radicalism to undo, and the quicker the better, but slow and steady wins the race. Defeating progressivism is an eternal battle. Despite the Cold War victory, communism still exists and is indeed thriving in some corners of the globe, if not in name, at least in practice. Continue those Tea Party efforts, continue being involved and getting others involved and understanding, because only the truth can outshine the lies of liberalism.

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