July 22, 2024

"Too sick to run, too sick to serve"

Let's Go Brandon: "Too sick to run, too sick to serve"

Be not afraid

This latest maneuver by the cowardly Democrats to dethrone Let's Go Brandon is not a bold decisive power play, it's a panic move. Simply, press on.

Democrats' cowardice on full display

Let's Go Brandon's withdrawal from the race for president was about as messy as his withdrawal from Afghanistan. He withdrew on social media, on a Sunday, like a coward; much like he withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving turmoil in his wake. It's also reminiscent of how Hillary 'election denier' Clinton supposedly conceded the 2016 election to Trump, not facing up to it in person, but via proxies.   Why do Democrats take their defeats like cowards? Because they are cowards.

Hillary Clinton was literally roped off from reporters in 2016. Debbie Wasserman Schultz rigged the primaries for Hillary Clinton that same election cycle. Donna Brazile fed the debate questions from CNN to Hillary Clinton

Democrats refused to have a fair primary process while many Democrat voters wanted to replace Let's Go Brandon, the party elite made sure it was not possible. They ran RFK Jr. out of the party because of it; he tried to run as a Democrat and was blocked at every turn.  They hid the truth going all the way back to 2020 when they kept Let's Go Brandon hidden in the basement during the election campaign.  They knew he would screw it up. So they hid him. They hid him as much as possible, right up to his disastrous 2024 debate debacle. Their cowardice and deceit combined to cause their party to not have a nominee just over 100 days before the presidential election.

Cowardice leads to chaos. In the end, what they tried harder and harder to hide eventually burst the dam, and voting Democrats were blindsided after believing the lies they were being fed for years.  The Democrat party are reaping what they and their complicit media have sewn for decades. Cowardice has been covered by lies and deceit and America is finally, slowly waking up to it.

Cowardice is not leadership. If you want to see what real leadership looks like, here it is:

Leadership is courage, combined with vision.  Make America Great Again is a vision, not just a slogan. America was once great but has slipped into mediocrity; all thanks to largely Democratic political hegemony at all levels of power for many decades, combined with their self-serving cowardice.

Cowardice has existed in the Democrat party for a long, long time; it's not new. It's a party of self-serving and defensive elitists. They want to ensure their own wealth and power and statist jobs while pretending to be for the people. 

The past is prologue, it's said.  And in this case, it's entirely true.  Any Democrat who now decides to run for president but refused to do so during the primary season, is fully a coward. Why wouldn't they have tried during the primaries? They felt safe enough with Let's Go Brandon to ride out the 2024 election. That has been blown up.

Any Democrat who now steps up for the sake of the country, to "save democracy" is a lying sack of Canadian immigrant poop. They are going to step up now for a chance to serve themselves now that it's safe for them to do so. They risk nothing at this point, and that is what cowards do. Take for example Joe Manchin of West Virginia.  He left the party for self-serving reasons, not to rescue the country.  How do we know that?  As recently as today he was considering running for president as the Democrat nominee. Self-serving.  He bowed out almost as quickly as he expressed interest.  That's likely because he was told by the self-serving and cowardly party elite his bid would be stifled by them.  They have likely already decided upon their desired outcome. 

Donald Trump on the other hand has been nothing but courageous, going back to 2015, running for president in the face of withering (though unwarranted) ridicule, not only was he courageous, he overcame. That is courage, it is triumph and it is real leadership. It's obvious why he does not fear whomever the Democrats decide to prop up in Let's Go Brandon's place.  He's a true leader, not encumbered by fear.

As an aside, have you ever noticed that the name Trump is within the word triumph? I just noticed that.

As an American, you need to ask yourself, "do I want my country led by courageous leadership that will deliver triumph, or do you want to see inevitable decline caused by self-serving cowardice?"  If you are truly an American, you already know the answer.

Canada poops

Ugh, Canada is a poopy mess. I'm not happy to talk about this, but Canada seems to be turning into San Francisco in some regards. Thankfully we only have about another year of Trudeau, but this other problem may take longer to rectify:

I promise, this is the last time I will discuss this crappy topic.

July 21, 2024

The coup is real

Let's Go Brandon on X (Twitter), only 20 hours ago:

The Democrats' coup is real.  This is only phase 1. 

Let's Go Brandon is gone (from the race)

Who will replace the failure that is leaving? I believe the Trump campaign have placed their bets on Kamala Harris.  As The Who said; "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

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