June 9, 2024

Trump mistrial has to happen now

I couldn't let the day pass without sharing this: yet another reason the Trump NY conviction was bogus.  Even the compromised judge in the case had to say something about this problem.

Unfortunately this is probably the best case scenario for Democrats.  Their lawfare against Trump was backfiring and they needed a way out. A Let's Go Brandon pardon was one way out, but even that wouldn't have made a difference in the court of public opinion.  

With this, the judge can declare a mistrial, throw the case out and the Democrats can continue to crow that Trump was convicted but got off on a technicality.  If I were Trump I would, after the case is tossed out, still pursue legal action for redress. 

That said, I don't think it does any better in the court of public opinion than a pardon; it still show and even admits that the verdict was a foregone conclusion and the system is corrupt.

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