June 16, 2024

It might actually happen.

As Let's Go Brandon poll numbers continue to crumble, it's more and more plausible that Democrats dump Let's Go Brandon after the upcoming CNN debate. When even The Hill is pointing Let's Go Brandon mistakes and freeze ups, the Democrat playbook is being exposed - they are probably going to replace him.  I don't like saying that because he is an albatross around the necks of the Democrats.  He will help the chances of a red wave in November. A replacement candidate would be a wildcard.  I don't think it helps the Democrats much and might even be worse. But you never know. 

The Democrats cannot run this guy and win. I think they are starting to finally realize that.  They can no longer lie their way into victory. They can probably continue to cheat, but when the scope of the cheating becomes too big, they have to roll the dice.   I once thought they Democrats wouldn't do that, but now, I'm starting to think it's a more than 50% chance.

The irony is that if they had eased up on the lawfare cheating, and actually started giving a damn about the  border, they might have continued to have a chance at a 2024 win. Not that I would have liked it, but those two changes could have really helped them. 

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