May 9, 2024

He's not wrong

Donald Trump on Let's Go Brandon's betrayal of Israel (and other stuff, but I'm focused on the Israel part of the statement for now).

I understand those who have a distaste for sending funds abroad in the current world climate and with all the problems in America that require urgent attention. It's hard to not recognize the reality of all the domestic problems in need of urgent attention. But Israel is clearly an American ally and there have been pre-arranged agreements put in place that cannot be ignored. Setting aside discussions about additional support for Israel, withholding support already promised is indeed disgraceful and should not stand.

Let's Go Brandon is only encouraging the funded pro-Palestinian, anti-American protests by his trying to play  both sides in the conflict in order to get votes from both sides in the upcoming election. That's extra disgraceful.  He's not standing on any principle other than his need to get re-elected and keep the corrupt system going.

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