May 2, 2024

Astroturf on university campuses

This is either grasping at straws to manufacture an issue to help Democrats, a Soros-funded effort to further destabilize America or in the best case scenario for the protesters, a loud minority coupled with a bunch of protesters who are there and don't understand what they are protesting

The students aren't the ones primarily instigating these protests.  Yes, in some cases they likely are. But it's not as a prevalent a situation as the mainstream media is portraying. There wasn't this level of protests in favor of abolishing student debt (partly because it was being proposed by their side thanks to Let's Go Brandon).  I believe that self interest will dominate actions more than something half a world away. So the intensity of these protests is simply Astroturf level, not a real grassroots movement.

If this is indeed a ploy to energize the left, it's not working, and it won't work.  It's just like the abortion issue; those the left has lost on issues are gone, those who remain, were going to remain anyway. The impact will be marginal at best, but more likely non-existent.

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