March 13, 2024

Trump has locked up the nomination

Same with that other Let's Go Brandon guy.  I think.  He may get booted out still by the party that hates democracy. Still, Trump's nomination is the one that really matters.


  1. I fear Trump is only a pause in the long March to totalitarianism. As the generation passes, who held the torch the Greatest Generation passed on, the memory of being a free and prosperous people will grow dim

  2. I hope that is not correct. If Reagan was right about freedom being one generation away from extinction, could the reverse also not be true? I'm a glass half full sort of guy. Look at Vivek, young, intelligent, able t o communicate. There are some good signs, and I think the tide is turning.

    There's also something to be said for the cyclical nature of things. The political winds do drift back and forth. To everything there is a season.


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