February 12, 2024

Let's Go Brandon makes the case against himself

Watch this clip and see Let's Go Brandon talk about hidden inflation.  He's been bragging about inflation beng down on his watch, while I and many others have been arguing that it's being hidden. It's not a Democrat plot, it's a way companies try to hide rising prices and maintain sales. But the bigger point is that it happens during periods of rising prices - inflation.  If inflation is down Brandon, why are you making a video talking about hidden inflation?  I know your team is looking for something to spark voters to rally behind you, but this is not it.  You are arguing against your own supposed 'success'.

You are talking about inflation through subtraction.  It's real and has been since before you supposedly beat inflation. But it's worse in times like these. And it's not the fault of the companies you intend to make the boogeyman in this scenario.  It's your disregard for fiscal and monetary prudence that has caused all of this. And politically, it's not going to make a lick of difference for you either.

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