January 19, 2024

Nikki Haley for VP?

The argument by Kayleigh McEnany is valid, but...no.  Trump knows going into the election where she really stands. He will not knowingly be encumbered by a non-team-player in his second administration. Nikki Haley is a neo-con establishment persona all the way.  She's admitted she was inspired by Hillary Clinton.  Even if that was merely a ploy to attract more moderate voters to her presidential run, it's really bad optics and enough to turn off the GOP party faithful. Trump knows this.

Megyn Kelly shares her thoughts on how it might be possible. It's a convincing argument. But...no. Probably. Hopefully?


  1. For the love of everything good hoy, righteous and decent; NO!!!!

    1. I mean, the political logic for capturing moderates 'kinda' makes sense, but I 1000% agree with you Mad Celt. It's a horrible idea.


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