November 8, 2023

Where there is smoke, there's fire

The United States can be infuriating. Here's how you fix voting, and how most civilized countries do it, or should do it if they don't:

  1. Photo ID and recent proof of address for voters
  2. Ballot/poll watchers from all parties present at every polling location
  3. Hand counted ballots in every polling precinct
  4. No calling of results in a riding until all poll watchers from parties have signed off 
  5. Recourse for recounts under certain conditions
Why is that so hard in the United States?  Additionally, specific to the United States, why not make election day a national holiday? No mail-in ballots except for overseas military.  If you are a civilian out of the country, tough luck.  I know that's disenfranchising, but it's a relatively small number of people and if it were that important to you, you'd plan for it. Sorry, not sorry. Also, why do some Democrat states take a week for votes to get counted?  And in those cases there is always a Democrat surge from behind.  It's bull and everyone knows it.  In your quest for power you are destroying the democratic process and the concept of democracy itself.

The above 5 requirements are not disenfranchising, they make sure every vote is counted, once, and ghost votes are not counted. That empowers real voters.  Corruption in the voting process is the real disenfranchisement of voters. Instead, we get crap like this:

Hopefully it's not too late for America, but it is getting grim.

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