November 28, 2023

Watch Canadian media's panicked reaction to calm common sense

CityTV is a far left Toronto television station, one of the worst in Canada, and this panel response to Pierre Poilievre's legitimate response to a reporter trying to pin something unjustly on him, shows how much of a panic the leftist media in Canada has gotten with Justin Trudeau's free-fall in polling.  People are fed up with Trudeau (finally), but also they are starting to question the media; something the media is not going to take lying down obviously.

The Canadian media has been aggressively leftist for decades. This responses shows out their true colors, is truly awful and totally misses the point.  They are lying to their audience and frankly to themselves. They are tone deaf, delusional and they have been excusing Trudeau for far, FAR worse than this pointed, intelligent and entirely reasonable response.

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