November 28, 2023

So... we're doing this now I guess

Read Eagle Politics takes a look at the wonky NY Times' potential short list of Donald Trump's 2024 VP choices. I don't entirely agree with Red Eagle's take on every candidate, though he makes some good points.  The NY Times' assessment of pros and cons for each potential candidate is mostly laughable as you would expect. Frankly however, the idea of having an article about this shows me a couple of things because it is so early in the process.

Think about it, not one state has held a primary yet. Yes, president Trump holds a massive lead and no one else is going to win. Despite every laughable effort by the leftist political-media complex to discredit and disqualify him, the NY Times has basically admitted that president Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee for 2024. Maybe they are using this as a way to try to skewer potential running mates.  They mention Trump's age with more than just a hint of foreshadowing part of how they might go after Trump.  That in itself is an interesting takeaway.  If they are going after Trump for his age, does that mean the older, senile Let's Go Brandon is not going to be the Democratic nominee for 2024? It makes you wonder a bit.  Despite all the whispers, I've always suspected that Democrats would stick with Let's Go Brandon in 2024. Now I'm less sure. True it may be the leftist media and Democrats' desire Brandon steps down but was it ever going to materialize? Maybe so now.

Going back to the first point, it tells me the lawsuits against president Trump are expected, even on the left, to fail. The NY Times has basically admitted it with this article.  Reason to be cheerful. But it also shows the real reason they were doing it; to smear him.  The great thing about Donald Trump is that those smears only reverberate in their echo chamber.

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