August 14, 2023

Rolling Stone Magazine hates you

Rolling Stone magazine blasted both the movie Sound of Freedom (which they actually claim is a QAnon film.  No really, they said that) and Oliver Anthony's song Rich Men North of Richmond as far-right (and worse).  I have watched a vast array of reactions, from a vast array of people.  They all feel it. The song is not far-right, it speaks to 90% of America, maybe more.  It's not far right, it's everyone.  Except the elite.

Rolling Stone mistakenly believe they are part of the elite. Laughable. They are at best part of the useful idiot class. They hate those who don't view them as elite, whom they believe is the far right.  No, it's 90% of America who resonate with the truth. They know politicians don't have their best interest at heart.  They know Rolling Stone doesn't either. WE know it.  You know it.  And Rolling Stone magazine hates you for it.

The dumpster fire of a magazine has exposed itself as being on the wrong side of history.  Good. 

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