August 24, 2023

Ex Wagner chief Prigozhin assassinated

In Russia, it appear that Putin took out his former ally, rebellious Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin:

Not really a surprise but still an indication of who Putin really is; a scumbag, murderous dictator.

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  1. Cui Bono who benefits? Are you sure it was Putin?

    He disables his BEST Unit after the Wagner group "accepted 6 billion dollars to be transferred to Belorussia to the annoyance of the Western Intelligence? Almost as much a "munity" as Jan 6th was an Unarmed Insurrection.

    He enables western intelligence inside of Russia more stressors to encourage a Coup against Putin?

    Sounds all so logical for someone that was crazy but that's not the Putin that has adsorbed so many western terrorist attempts to depose him, brand him a war criminal (looked into the mirror knowing the USA has been directly responsible for almost 99% of all troubles since Vietnam?) and destroy a turned off Nord stream and SAY Putin DID it to harm Germany?

    Welcome to clown world friend. Now we the land of Freedom have arrested a president to disable his election process. Not like the Professional Politicians would EVER TRUST Americans to say "No Mr. Trump" at the honest ID required Polls.


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