November 23, 2022

Mitch McConnell is not the guy

Mitch McConnell is not the guy to lead conservatives and Republicans to a strong or lengthy majority.  He's fresh off a self-serving Republican loss in what was supposed to be a red wave election. McConnell is not the guy.  He's a status quo guy and status quo is not what conservativism and not what America needs at this point in history.  Yet there he remains. This goes beyond left and right, he exemplifies the status quo nature of American politics and culture, as it remains mired in a slow drift leftward towards socialism and Orwellian social credit  (despite the laudable growing effort to thwart it).

Mitch McConnell has done some good things for conservatism in regards to judicial appointments, but he's not the guy to lead conservatism and a belief in American fundamental values back into preeminence. He's just not.  He's not a visionary.  In fact that is something he seems to fear as a threat to his position.  Not the guy.

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