November 8, 2022

Get this right America

Every election is "the most important election of our lifetime" nowadays. There's an inherent sound of hyperbole when you hear some pundit say that. The Democrats this midterm cycle are going on about how this is about democracy versus a facist far right takedown of America or some such nonsense.  The thing is, every election back to and including 2008 have been the some of most important elections in our lifetimes.

Back in 1980, with Jimmy Carter singlehandedly bringing America from a weakened superpower to near also-ran, 1980 was a supremely important election that allowed Ronald Reagan to become president and not only avert a catastrophic Carter re-election, Regan also reinvigorated America. With his relection and the echo of the Republicans' Contract with America, the country enjoyed a remarkable period of growth and strength. From WWII onward, 1980 had become the most important election of the post World War era. Indeed that stood until 2008.

2008 and 2012 were massively important elections that sadly America got wrong.  Obama did a great deal of damage to the country all while being praised for his supposed dizzying intellect and having his lack of experience ignored. Meanwhile 2010 and 2014 were important to counteract Obama's woeful policy positions, and America got those right. It got so bad that during the Obama era that all 4 of those election cycles were critically important, along with the 2016 election of Donald Trump, which of the 5 was the most important and stands as a rival to the 1980 win of Ronald Reagan, but came as much more of a surprise to many people.  I thought Trump stood a decent chance win but I thought it would be close electorally. His success there surprised me, in a good way. That period marked 5 critical elections in a row, where the country became more and more left leaning and more and more partisan in both directions as it became clear the Republicans could no longer work with Democrats who had drifted far too far to the socialist, dystopian and Orwellian left.

Where America failed between 2016 and 2018 was limited to Congressional Republicans not aligning with the president during their two year bicameral majority and doing as much meaningful work as they could. America got 2018 wrong thanks in large part to a biased media and an energized left.  And in 2020, an election where America needed president Trump to win, despite a miassive increase in support he somehow, mysteriously 'lost ' to a man with the intellectual horsepower of a turnip.

Somebody got that one wrong massively, because Let's Go Brandon is Jimmy Carter 2.0 incarnate. That brings us to now. The country desperately needs a brake pedal applied to this guy.  Like Emergency Brakes, brake pedal, thrust reversers and anything else you can throw at him. It's important to not just America, but to the entire world that this be halted until 2024 when an actual leader can step back into the void and take the helm.  2024 will then become the most important election of our lifetimes.  But until then, you have to get this right America.


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