August 7, 2022

China steps closer to the abyss

I keep harping on China. America has A LOT of problems right now, make no mistake. But China is in even worse shape, they just hide it better because they can (and that's not a good thing for China, or anyone else).  You don't see much about China's struggles in the news for a few reasons, chief among them China is not the U.S., U.K. or a part of Western Europe.  That doesn't mean what happens in China will remain contained in China.

We have woven a world of entangled interdependence. While in some economic ways that's arguably a good thing, it also creates dependencies and the likelihood of a cascading ripple effect everywhere else. Too much of our manufacturing has been outsourced to cheaper labor that also happens to entail lower quality goods. President Trump raised the alarm about China and tried to start the process of onshoring production (and jobs).  The elites would have none of it and it never got far enough, so the dependencies remain largely. If China collapses (which I am not saying is likely, just feasible), America and the rest of the West, are in deep trouble thanks to our neglect on dealing with the dependency (much like with Middle Eastern oil).  

You think supply chain issues are a problem now? You think they are the major cause of inflation?  They aren't by the way, money printing is the issue).  Just wait until Chinese manufacturing plummets and the prices are not the issue but the empty shelves at WalMart.  

All of this and no mention yet of how the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) will not go quietly.  Just like the elites in the West, they will do whatever it takes including selling out their own people to hold onto power and wealth. We'll call it an atrocity when that happens, and it will be.  But it's no different than what is being done here in the West with one major exception; we are being deceived into believing it isn't happening to us.  Because it is being done without tanks and instead our wealth is eroding towards the already uber-rich without us knowing anything other than it keeps getting harder to stay afloat.  

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