July 11, 2022

Levin on January 6th committee hearings

 Mark Levin dissects the true purpose of the January 6th committee hearings.

He makes a point about the Constitutional convention.  I think every state in the Union would probably be happier if they could make their own laws unimpeded by federal oversight, even liberal states like California. Leave the Federal government to truly federal issues like national defense and other Constitutional provisions granted to the federal government. 

Years ago I suggested on this very blog a divorce at an individual level; each individual could opt into either a Democratic or Republican template on welfare, education etc. and be governed by those particular rules (with the exception of the aforementioned federal provisions like national defense which cannot be done at an individual level).  Theoretically nice, it would be pretty much impossible to institute.  But if it were scaled back to a state level, individual mobility within America might solve for the ability to live under the set of beliefs most closely aligned with your own. The overturning of Roe  v. Wade is a prime example of that; those states wishing to allow abortion have not been prevented from doing so, despite the fevered histrionics of the left.

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