June 13, 2022

Woke eats itself at WaPo

This story was in the news last week and I didn't comment because it turned into a running feud and was frankly changing too quickly to comment.  Besides, it was a "grab your popcorn" situation.  Now it's mostly over.   The Washington Post has fired Felicia Sonmez for woke cyberbullying a co-worker even after being told to stop.

The best summary I could find of the situation was via Jimmy Dore, a liberal himself, but one fed up with 'woke'. Please note - occasional course language.

In the end the Washington Post ended up firing Felicia Sonmez.

I wish this had gone on for months to be honest.  But at least it was all out in the open, exposing the woke cult(ure) that infects the left, even at the highest levels.

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