June 27, 2022

Pelosi elbows child

I wouldn't exactly call this bullying because that's a trope the left uses as a weapon.   Watch as she elbows a child away from herself.  The fact that it was the daughter of a political opposition member makes it petty.  The fact that it was a child makes it extremely ugly.  Make no mistake, Pelosi is a bully, but this incident falls more into the category of misdemeanor assault than bullying, no? Okay, maybe not. Regardless, the video below shows Nancy Pelosi for what she is: rude, contemptuous, mean-spirited and clearly someone who doesn't think first before acting out. This was completely inappropriate. 

I hope the girl, daughter of newly elected congresswoman Mayra Flores, was unfazed by the incident. Pelosi must still be stinging from the upset victory Flores won in the special election.

Theoretically, this is probably about the only category of person that Nancy Pelosi could bully successfully. Someone smaller than herself, which would be predominantly children.  Well, maybe also her caucus members.

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