April 20, 2022

Green energy proponents are wrong on electric vehicles.

Think hard about the rush to electric vehicles. REALLY hard.   As Johnny Harris points out, there's a dark side to it.  There's China's attempt at resource hegemony.  But there are also other things to consider as well.

There's the amount of fossil fuels still required to make and maintain them. It's not as good as you might think, as a Forbes article in 2020 pointed out. 

Once on the road, the carbon dioxide emissions of EVs depends on the power-generation fuel used to recharge its battery. If it comes mostly from coal-fired power plants, it will lead to about 15 ounces of carbon-dioxide for every mile it is driven—three ounces more than a similar gasoline-powered car.

There's the 2025 risk of the next Carrington Event making electric vehicles useless for some time.  And the risk, is cyclical.

I'm not against electric vehicles, but I'm also not willing to be blind about accepting them as the only solution for the future of America and/or the world.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of green energy Kool Aid drinkers who are willing to do just that, to the benefit of a dictatorial regime.

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