February 24, 2022

Trudeau's effort was not a dry run, it was a failed run

...And that's assuming it actually failed.  First things first, Canada's titular prime minister Justin Trudeau pulled the Emergencies Act, saying it was no longer necessary.  Here's where the failure comes in - this happened less than 48 hours after it passed a partisan parliamentary vote. So why did he cancel it?  The vote needed to be ratified by the senate, and it probably would have failed.  Trudeau probably got wind of that and rather than being humiliated he wanted to act first and look like both the tough guy and the compassionate guy in the same week.  It was not a dry run.  Why would he want it invoked for an indefinite period of time? 

So it was a failure from that perspective.  Here's why it still could be argued as a success. They have incarcerated leaders of the Freedom Convoy.  They were denied bail. They still have mandates in place. And they've sent a message to Canadians - don't you dare question our authority over you or you will be put away and forgotten.  That only becomes a failure if Canadians (and similarly those in other nations) refuse to be frightened by such a blatant abuse of power.

We shall see.

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