February 26, 2022

Reason's Great Escape

I think there's a certain naivety in this, despite the validity of the sentiment.  Klaus Schwab is not a good guy. Dare I say it, evil.  So this Reason video on a decentralized world and decentralized economies makes a lot of sense.  But there is a naivety in thinking that there is not some sort of conspiracy behind it.  I'm not saying there's some secret cabal guiding all of this, but there is a common socialist/communist vision along with a technocrat vision that drives many of those who are pushing for this.  So it is not a closed door back-room conspiracy but it is a common ideological goal that is driving those who drive this.

There's also a naivety to think think that a Great Escape will overcome the Great Reset. Not without a tremendous amount of push.  Look how they were able to shut down the Freedom Convoy using economic levers.  That's tough to overcome. It will take a herculean effort by millions of people.  Let's work towards that rather than just hoping it will materialize.

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