January 3, 2022

Consensus is not science

Consensus is not science. Einstein's theory of relativity is widely believed to be the most accurate model of space time we have.  But it's still just a theory because it has yet to be proven as a law of physics. That's not to discredit Einstein, but rather to point out that as advanced as his thinking was, as accurate as it was, as peer reviewed as it was, it is still not considered complete fact.  That's because it is not complete.  Perhaps if Einstein had another 100 years to work on it, he may have been able to do even more with it.  Unfortunately no one has that time, and others have had to take up the torch as it were. Einstein's view of space and time was in fact counter to the consensus at the time.

So far we have a theory of physics of the universe that explains a tremendous amount, but none of it is a Law.  We have laws of thermodynamics, the law of gravity, and other scientific laws but nothing so grandiose as to be able to claim "the science is settled".  Remember that Al Gore dictum about global warming?  It's the same now with Dr. Fauci proclaiming his word on COVID is law. Wear a mask, don't wear a mask, get a vaccination, get your 5th booster shot, now it's safe for kids.  He seems to think he's the king of science.

At one point the consensus was that the earth was flat and another consensus was that the universe revolved around the earth.  Now people like Fauci have taken the idea of consensus one step further to the point that the universe revolves around their dictates.

When someone tells you the science is settled, just tell them the earth is no longer flat. Any scientist who says something is inarguable is not a real scientist.  They want you to simply accept their opinion. The dangers in that extend far beyond the boundaries of science. After all, the man said it himself:

"Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech." 

~  Albert Einstein

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