October 7, 2021

Not vaccinated, so I might get fired.

I live and work in Canada, in a federally regulated industry (banking). Back in August the government of Canada mandated that as well as all federal employees, all employees of federally regulated industries are governed by a mandatory vaccination policy.  As such, we have been required to attest to our vaccination status on or before October 22nd.

I am not vaccinated. I don't believe that the vaccines have been through rigorous enough testing to be taken. To be clear, I have all of my normal vaccinations (measles etc.) and I have most often gotten flu shots. I am not an anti-vaxxer, I just believe these vaccines have not really been tested for long term side effects.  That is effectively now being tested in the vaccinated population.  Time will provide evidence. 

I doubt that in Canada, I or anyone else will be able to successfully challenge this vaccine mandate in court.  We don't enjoy the same levels of rights as you do in the United States. 

With my status in mind, I have attested online today as to my status as non-vaccinated with my employer.  It will be interesting to see what happens. I am technically a work from home employ and reading the policy, it does not appear to apply to me unless I have to go into the office.  In the past I did go into the office but did so rarely, even before COVID.  I am nervous about my situation but I feel like my concerns about the vaccine, and the potential impact on my health, trump work concerns. I may be allowed to continue work since my work-from-home designation may be enough.  We'll see.  

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