August 28, 2021

"Men of the West" or Fall of the West?

 An allegory for the west, both then (WWII) and now:

That is an inspiring speech. Meanwhile, the gentlemen at Daily Wire in a long form discussion/debate, cover the current situation in Afghanistan as it relates to the crumbling strength of the West (primarily the United States), when just a few years ago under president Trump, it looked as though the superpower was finally regaining its resolve and strength.

But this is a bigger discussion than just Afghanistan.  It's a question of who we are. Whether Afghanistan was a good idea is not the important question. That time has passed. As far as Afghanistan the question is about what do we do now. As an aside, I think Matt Walsh (and not because it's him, but it's the most daunting conclusion) is the most correct here. American has, over the 20th century, stopped fascism and communism from winning. Its moral duty as leader of the free world is to both continue to do so (where it can), and to foster democracy, where it can. That does not always mean wars. In the case of Germany, Japan and South Korea, thriving democracies were created due to American blood and treasure AND patience. America is reasonably justified in demanding compensation of the costs for these efforts from the beneficiary countries. America has not and instead they have become sacrifices for America. But this sort of sacrifice is one whereby America in fact does reap benefits beyond just the spread of democracy and abatement of tyranny. Trade opportunity and national security are both improved. Just because the nature of the threat has changed, does not mean the nature of the moral duty diminishes. In the case of Afghanistan (or any case), the question is a balance between the moral duty and the potential self-interest cost/benefit analysis.

And where does this leave us?  President Reagan once said that the freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  Is this the generation that allows it to be snuffed out?  Or perhaps even contributes to its extinction?  Has the West gotten softer with each passing generation to the point where it is now too morally weak and lacking the fortitude to stand against the forces of tyranny and darkness? I pray that is not the case.  And further, I exhort you to teach your children well that they must have the same moral convictions of previous generations or they will see their own freedoms perish - not in an epic battle, but in a slow (and now growing faster) creeping death.

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