August 17, 2021

A personal rant regarding Uber Eats

I recently sent a complaint to Uber Eats.  If you've ever used the service, you probably already know the result; it bounced back to me with a notice about it being an unmonitored mailbox.


Here's the email I wrote. 

Customer Service,

I signed up for UberEats a few months ago. I received a $30 off coupon or promo offer via email shortly afterwards. I tried to use it at a couple of locations and got a few messages that it was not valid at that location. I got frustrated and did not order.

A few days later I tried again but received a notification that the offer had already been used. Annoyed, I decided not to use UberEats and instead went back to SkipTheDishes to order.

In a few weeks I noticed a new offer, it was either $30 off or 75% off my first order. I figured it had been sorted out and tried again. After letting me order and applying the coupon, it was when I finally submitted the order it came back and said not valid for this account and that if I wanted to order, it would be full price. I did not order.

I have since received an offer every few weeks (roughly) and have tried several times to order with the new account promotion. It has failed EVERY TIME I HAVE TRIED (I'm at about 7 or so attempts by now). Somehow it looks like I have already taken advantage of the offer, but if you look at my account you will see I have never placed a completed order with UberEats.

This has been the single worst customer service experience I have ever had in my life. Why offer me the same 'welcome' offer every few weeks, only to say I do not qualify to use it? I am frustrated beyond belief and thought I would express my concern so that you are aware of this issue, as I do not believe this will ever get rectified, have a very bad impression of Uber Eats at this point and do not see myself ever using the service (given the issue as well as the difficulty involved in even finding where to raise my concern).


They kept referring me back to the app, where there was no place to properly describe my circumstance, only a circular loop of standardized Q&As, none of which applied to my situation. UberEats has provided one of the worst customer experiences, if not the worst, of my entire life.  I get it about having to deal with scammers trying to get free stuff. I get the whole low overhead to keep costs down idea. What I do not get is creating a situation that causes customer dissatisfaction to turn to anger, without a mechanism to address it.  

I will never use UberEats.  They are on a list of companies that have pissed me off so much I refuse to use them, EVER.  There are now a total of 2 companies on that list.  Only two. And the other company was one I had worked for and saw the dysfunction from the inside.  Way to go UberEats.  You have joined the ranks of companies who, if asked, I will do everything I can to dissuade people from using.

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