October 20, 2020

Sad news - Rush Limbaugh cancer has worsened

Yesterday I posted the good news that Jordan Peterson was on the mend and back making videos. Unfortunately we also got some less encouraging news from the one and only Rush Limbaugh. I pray he can still recover.

Rush Limbaugh's stage 4 lung cancer has progressed "in the wrong direction," the conservative commentator and radio host announced. 

More than eight months after revealing his diagnosis, Limbaugh, 69, said Monday on his radio show that his new health developments weren't "dramatic," but had nevertheless recently worsened.

"The idea now is to keep it where it is or maybe have it reduce again," he said, according to a transcript on his website. "We’ve shown that that is possible. If it happened once, it can happen again. So that’s the objective of the current treatment plan."

Limbaugh announced in early February that he had been diagnosed with "advanced lung cancer," confirmed by "two medical institutions back on Jan. 20." Speaking Monday, he said at the time, he did not believe he'd live past September.

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