October 5, 2020

Make corrections and retractions as big as the wrong story

This morning I was watching Tim Pool rant about the media (effectively, I might add) in the video below  and at 6:55 into the video he started talking about why the media sensationalizes the news, particularly fake news.  It's truth.  But it made me think that there's an easy way to make this stop:

What if every correction or retraction was required to be as forefront as the original story?  A headline in the Washington Post about Trump being severely ill that was incorrect, would require a headline correction and as much space in the story.  CNN leading the news hour with the same story for 2 minutes would require a 2 minute explanation of why they were wrong.

I know it's complex to enforce and there's a lot of loopholes, but at least notionally it's a good idea.  The New York Times does not want to cover the front page and all the editorial pages with retractions or corrections when it will kill their paper. A little forced accountability would be healthy for the news media industry.

Just a thought.

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