October 12, 2020

COVID-19 and school choice

Every crisis is an opportunity. Democrats manage their crises that way. Conservatives and Republicans do not.  We have not taken advantage of COVID the way Democrats would have done were we enduring a Hillary Clinton administration.

Conservatives believe in border security and school choice. Conservatives have seen first hand the dangers of a tech monopolies. COVID was an opportunity to move the ball, in a massive way forward towards these  conservative principles and probably others too.

We didn't do it.  We never do and that's why we are always playing defense against a progressive onslaught.

For example the lockdowns and later teachers not wanting to be back in school was VERY FERTILE ground to move towards alternative education options and ultimately the viability of school choice as an option. It could have been part of any of the runs at a stimulus this year.

Conservatism is often equal to trying to keep America great by stopping change.  But liberty and other conservative principles were meant to be spread, not just protected and slowly eroded. 

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